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Columbia Veterinary Hospital has a separate surgical suite and advanced equipment. All surgeries are performed using complete sterile technique. The surgeon wears a sterile gown, cap, mask and gloves. Separate autoclaved sterile instrument packs are used for each patient. Isofluorane inhalant anesthesia is used, and each anesthetized patient is monitored by a veterinary technician as well as respiratory monitoring equipment. The surgery table is padded and heated to body temperature. Special equipment includes blood pressure monitors and radiocautery.

The veterinarians at Columbia Veterinary Hospital  perform a wide a variety of surgical procedures, including ovariohysterectomies (spays), orchiectomies (neuters), tumor excisions, bladder surgeries, and wound repair. More complex procedures, including orthopedic techniques such as bone plating, can be scheduled by appointment with a board-certified specialty surgeon.

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